Tuesday, July 9, 2019

New Editions of Earlier Books

Recently I received the rights back on two of my novels, The House of the Sphinx and The Bootlegger's Nephew from my former publisher Hilliard and Harris. Using Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon, I created new covers and trade paperback and ebooks for each title. Here they are:

This cover was produced using my own painting (watercolor and Prisma pencil). It was a painting class assignment: paint two views of the same object on the same piece of paper. I made the eyes as sinister as possible:) 

This cover uses a photograph of my grandmother Edith from the 1920s. Although the book title has "nephew" in it, the protagonist's daughter plays a larger role in the story. The new edition also includes a historical supplement about east central Illinois during the 1920s.

Both books are available in ebook format as well as paperback.

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