Monday, August 17, 2009

New book coming in October!

I am thrilled that my next mystery, "The Fall of Augustus," will be published in October. Technically, this will be book four in my series, but the publication schedule is ahead of book 3, "The House of the Sphinx."

In this novel, my character, Lisa Donahue, tangles with two different museum directors:

When someone kills Lisa Donahue’s boss by dropping a Roman statue on him, she becomes Interim Director of her Boston University museum.

Suddenly she’s juggling murder, artifact theft, and a complicated move into a new building. Then the treacherous Dean announces her replacement: a vicious woman from Lisa’s past…

It is partly based on my own museum experience, but of course all the characters are fictional! The title was inspired by the fact that the staff of our local museum really did have to lower a huge plaster cast down and elevator shaft--actually several plaster casts--in order to move them into a new museum building.

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