Thursday, October 24, 2019

Two new audiobooks!

I am thrilled to have two of the Flora Garibaldi Art History mysteries now available as audiobooks.
The first one is Burnt Siena, in which Flora discovers her Sienese conservation firm is involved in criminal practices:

The second is Catacomb, in Flora and her policeman boyfriend organize an international search for lost World War II art under the city of Rome:

Both are narrated by the talented Carrie Coello through, and both have new covers produced by Carrie's graphic designer husband, Ben Coello! Both books are available through Amazon, Audible, and ITunes.

For any author who has thought about doing audio editions but has not yet done it, I had a great experience with Audible/acx and would be glad to chat about it.

Monday, September 2, 2019

The Botticelli Caper is published!

The third mystery in my Flora Garibaldi Art History series, The Botticelli Caper, just appeared for sale on Amazon (as of September 1), in both trade paperback and ebook.
During my last trip to Italy with my daughter Emily, we visited the Uffizi in Florence. While Emily gazed at famous paintings and sculpture, I was busy studying unmarked doorways, security cameras, and guard placement to further the following plot:

“Conservator Flora Garibaldi discovers that several paintings in Florence’s Uffizi Gallery have been replaced by clever forgeries. Where are the original artworks, and who’s in charge of the smuggling operation? Flora’s efforts to help the police make her the target of a criminal mastermind and murderer.”

How could this happen? Today the Uffizi is a modern, well-protected museum. However, I deliberately set my story about ten years ago when the old palace that houses the Uffizi was undergoing the latest in a long series of renovations (security systems being revamped, lots of workmen coming and going, construction and packing materials always underfoot, etc.). When you also know that the Uffizi is connected by a tunnel to another palace on its north side and (via a famous bridge) to another palace on its south side, my plot becomes more plausible.

My other book news is the production of my novel Burnt Siena (the first Flora mystery) as an audiobook. Authors who retain their audio rights can produce their own audio editions through Audible/ACX (the audiobook wing of Amazon). Thanks to an amazing narrator, Carrie Coello, the process has been both fun and enlightening. Here is the audio cover (created by graphic designer Ben Coello):

The audiobook will be available on Amazon by mid-September.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

New Editions of Earlier Books

Recently I received the rights back on two of my novels, The House of the Sphinx and The Bootlegger's Nephew from my former publisher Hilliard and Harris. Using Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon, I created new covers and trade paperback and ebooks for each title. Here they are:

This cover was produced using my own painting (watercolor and Prisma pencil). It was a painting class assignment: paint two views of the same object on the same piece of paper. I made the eyes as sinister as possible:) 

This cover uses a photograph of my grandmother Edith from the 1920s. Although the book title has "nephew" in it, the protagonist's daughter plays a larger role in the story. The new edition also includes a historical supplement about east central Illinois during the 1920s.

Both books are available in ebook format as well as paperback.