Monday, July 23, 2012

Bound for Eternity now a audiobook

A smooth publishing many times does that happen? Curious about how to get my books turned into audiobooks, I pick up an Iambik business card at a mystery conference. Back at home, I wrote to the company but heard nothing for a couple of months. Then, when I had forgotten all about it, I received an email that invited me to submit a book file and that the company was interested. Iambik is based in Montreal, so I was excited about reaching a new audience. Within a few months, I was contacted with three audio files of the first chapter to choose my narrator. While all three readers were good, Priscilla Holbrook's appealed to me the most (rich voice with undertones of humor, clearly having fun reading). I chose that mp3, and to my surprise and delight, Iambik also gave me a chance to review the audio proofs of the book!
Now Bound for Eternity is published in yet another format, and I cannot be more pleased: