Sunday, April 8, 2018

Book Club Discussion Questions for Catacomb

1. The premise behind the story is that there are still undiscovered troves of art looted by the Nazis in locations around Europe--in this case, underneath the city of Rome. Do you find this premise believable? Why or why not?

2. Flora finds an old diary that tells the story of a young woman from a French family of art collectors who marries an Italian during World War II. How does this story add to the suspense of searching for art under Rome?

3. Flora and Vittorio have some problems in their relationship. Do you see growth in their characters and their understanding of each other between the beginning of the book and the end?

4. Museums or collectors who purchased art without knowing it was stolen are often reluctant to return the pieces to the original owners. How do you believe government agencies should handle repatriation of artworks?