Saturday, November 21, 2015

New Edition of The Dead Sea Codex coming out in December

The Dead Sea Codex is Book 1 in my Lisa Donahue Archaeological Mystery series. In some ways, it is my favorite book. Writing it took me straight back to the almost two years I spent living and studying in Israel in the 1970s. My adventures were nothing like Lisa's, but living in the Middle East was a turning point in my life. I fell in love with archaeology and spent my entire academic career in that field. The experience changed my perspective, influenced my politics, and got me interested in the world's greatest religions.

In this novel, Lisa and a former boyfriend stumble upon a scrap of an ancient codex that two groups desire because of its explosive contents. Dated to the first century AD, the codex details the beliefs of a female disciple of Jesus. The scholars want to find the entire codex and publish it; the conservative Christians want to destroy it.

After discovering that someone had altered the digital files of my original novel to remove all the quotation marks, I decided I really, really needed a new edition (and a new publisher). I am thrilled to be back with Wings ePress with a new, improved edition and an exciting new cover. Here it is:

Wings also published book 3 in the Lisa Donahue series, with another beautiful cover.

This small publisher has an excellent, hardworking staff. My experience this time around was wonderful, even better than the first time. Special thanks to Senior Editor Jeanne Smith, Artist Richard Stroud, Art Director Pat Evans, and Acting President Marilyn Kapp. 

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