Friday, January 27, 2012

New Editions and New Shorts

Happy New Year! I have joined the throng of authors making use of Amazon software to republish older works and add short stories to the Kindle bookstore that have appeared elsewhere.

In January, I prepared a new edition of "Bound for Eternity" on This is exactly the same book that was first published in 2005 with a yellow and white cover, but it has been edited slightly to remove typos and has a new cover. The new edition is also cheaper! The same story appears (for only $2.99) as a Kindle edition here.

Just to confuse readers even more, I created a novella version of Bound for Eternity (the challenge was to reduce over 60,000 words to less than 25,000!). Because the shortened version required removing a couple of subplots and a major character, the short version is now called "Mummy Dearest."  The novel is also a Kindle ebook.

I have also taken advantage of Amazon's user-friendly Kindle platform to post short stories previously published in the ezine Mysterical-E, "Heaven for Roosters" and Wings EPress, "Then, Fall Caesar."

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